Train Your Staffy to Use an Outdoor Kennel: A Fun and Engaging Guide 

Are you ready for an adventure? Because your Staffy certainly is! Welcome to the ultimate guide that will transform your backyard into your Staffy’s personal paradise. We’re talking about creating a space where your furry friend can enjoy the great outdoors while still being safe and secure. Yes, we’re talking about an outdoor kennel! But how do you get your energetic and playful Staffy to love this new space? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the exciting world of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Training

Step 1: Introducing the Kennel 

First things first, let’s make the kennel a happy place for your Staffy. Place their favorite toys and blankets inside. You can even play a game of fetch, where the kennel is the ‘home base’. Remember, the goal is to make your Staffy think, “Hey, this Dog Kennel Training place is pretty cool!” 

Step 2: Meal Times in the Kennel 

Next, we’re going to associate the kennel with something all Staffies love – food! Start feeding your Staffy their meals in the kennel. This will create a positive association with the kennel. Before you know it, your Staffy will be wagging their tail every time they see the kennel. 

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect 

Now that your Staffy is comfortable with the kennel, it’s time to practice entering and exiting. Use a command like “kennel” or “bed” and guide them in with a treat. Praise them when they enter, but remember, no fuss if they choose not to. Patience is key here! 

Step 4: Increasing Kennel Time 

Start increasing the amount of time your Staffy spends in the kennel. You can do this during their nap times or when they’re chewing on their favorite toy. Remember to always keep the kennel door open at this stage, so your Staffy doesn’t feel trapped. 

Step 5: Overnight Stays 

The final step is having your Staffy spend the night in the kennel. This should be done gradually. Start with short durations and then increase the time. Make sure to provide a comfortable bed and a toy to keep them company. 


And there you have it, folks! You’re now equipped with the knowledge to turn your Staffy’s outdoor kennel into their favorite hangout spot. Remember, patience and consistency are your best friends during this training journey. But hey, who said training can’t be fun? With these steps, you and your Staffy are sure to have a blast! 

But wait, there’s more! Want to ensure your Staffy has the best outdoor kennel that’s not just safe but also super comfy? Check out our comprehensive guide on the Best Outdoor Kennels for Your Staffy. Dive in to discover the perfect outdoor kennel that your Staffy will absolutely love. Happy reading, and even happier training! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should the outdoor kennel be for my Staffy? 

The size of the kennel should be large enough for your Staffy to move around comfortably. It should be able to stand, sit, turn around, and lie down easily. 

How can I make the outdoor kennel weatherproof?

Weatherproofing your kennel involves ensuring it’s protected from elements like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. This could involve adding a roof, insulation, or a kennel heater. 

What should I do if my Staffy refuses to enter the kennel? 

Patience is key. Try associating the kennel with positive experiences like treats and toys. If your Staffy still refuses, it might be worth consulting with a professional dog trainer. 

How long is it safe to leave my Staffy in the outdoor kennel? 

While kennels provide a safe outdoor space, it’s important not to leave your Staffy in there for extended periods. Regular interaction, exercise, and access to the home environment are crucial for your Staffy’s wellbeing. 

Can I use the same training methods for an indoor kennel? 

Yes, many of the same principles apply. However, you might need to consider added factors for an indoor kennel, such as its location in your home and ensuring your Staffy is comfortable with indoor noises. 

Remember, every dog is unique, so what works for one Staffy might not work for another. Always consider your pet’s comfort and safety first. Happy training! 

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