In Memory – Schooner the Staffy

Beloved Furbaby.

February 2023 – Always loved, never forgotten.

This site is dedicated to Schooner, a beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier who passed away in February 2023 at ten years of age. Schooner was more than just a dog; he was a cherished family member and a loyal companion.

His fantastic personality, intelligence, and mischievous nature brought their lives so much joy and love. This site is a tribute to Schooner and all Staffies and serves as a reminder of the special bond between dogs and their owners.

Schooner the Staffy

My dear Schooner, you were our faithful friend through all our years together until the end.

Your wagging tail and joyful bark will forever echo in our hearts.

We miss you more than words can say, but you’ll always stay in our memories.

We’ll cherish all the moments we shared, And know that you will always be there.

You brought so much joy into our life, And we’re grateful for every day you were by our side.

We’ll never forget your gentle soul And the love that made us whole.

Rest in peace, my dear Schooner, And know that you are loved and cherished forever.

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